Friday, December 2, 2011

Thumbs Up To Padded Palms

 Slipped on my favorite pair of  bike gloves the other day, and, after a long summer of bare-handed riding, gripping the handlebar was noticeably easier. 

Giro Monaco Bike Gloves
Felt better, too, especially in the fleshy part of my palms, and even the undersides of my fingers.

I felt like a dolt. I had known enough to put on a helmet but had forgotten that gloves are personal protective equipment, too.

Even as objects of fashion, they  keep our hands safe from the elements. Task specific gloves protect us against the dangers and health hazards of our activities.

A well-made pair of  articulated gloves,  padded for holding a bicycle handlebar, does all that and more.

Quality cycling gloves are made to move the way our hands do when we ride our bikes. They don’t bind, bunch, or compromise handling skills. They  do their job and stay out of the way. 

Ergonomic padding helps relieve uncomfortable pressure on sensitive tissue inside our hands. We can grip the bar for longer periods. A good pair of bike gloves protects without encumbering our cycling skills and abilities.

So much the better, if someone comments on how good they look.

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