Saturday, October 29, 2011

Flashing Mode Beats A Steady Beam

Serfas 500 lumen rechargeable  bicycle headlight  TSL-500
Commuter Bike Light
After months of riding to work with my bike light set on steady beam, I switched recently to flashing and hmmm, what a difference.

While I can't speak for oncoming traffic, remarks from strangers leave no doubt in my mind that flashing gets you noticed.

Suddenly, my blinking commuter light's a topic of conversation, as in 'What is that?' People in the ferry office spot my bike from the far side of the parking lot and have my ticket ready when I arrive a few minutes later. Kids give me a thumbs up.

As the days grow shorter, my commutes now begin and end in the dark.  Brightness is a must on my handlebar. And, while more light is always welcome, I wouldn't ride with anything less than my Serfas True Lumens 250 

If you haven’t used flashing mode yet, why not give it a try. In terms of being seen, it’s better than the red carpet.

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