Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Steve O's Rack Pack Debut With SunLite Top Loaders

Mr. Pump found some great deals on SunLite Top Loader Rack Packs. He’s so enthusiastic about the value and quality that he bought as many as he could find.  Quantities are limited and shipping is free.
BikemanforU intern Steve O gave us his Rack Pack video review featuring the Top Loader line up; small single trunk bag, medium with five compartments, and large with hidden pannier saddlebags.
In his first time in front of the camera, he did the entire video in a single take. That's poise and professionalism. Steve O joins us this summer before heading off for his freshman year at Cornell. Go Big Red!
1000 YouTube Subscribers on the Fourth of July

That’s right. The BikemanforU channel received its 1000th youTube subscriber on Independence Day. RockHell led the Thank You Cheer with the crew. Front row, left to right, Sebastian, Steve, and Mark (all holding the ever-flagrant RockHell) and in the back, left to right, are Mr. Pump, Ray, and Pamalu.
A BikemankiniforU
Word in the bike cave is that BikemanforU has been given a mankini, courtesy of RockHell, after he was less than impressed by her new tattoo. The plastic cutie has dared him to wear the strip of orange lycra in his next instructional video. 

Will this mankini play a part in the next BikemanforU video? RockHell votes yes. What do YOU say?
We know he has fun with props in his videos and is said to be mulling the challenge. The skinny swim trunks are an apparent retaliation after he called RockHell's tattoo a "tramp stamp."

Tattoo or tramp stamp?

Never sure if she's a prop or something else, the bikini clad video participant bared the unusual body art in her latest video.

Tools for the home bike mechanic are being talked about for the next video but whether RockHell will appear is an open question.

Mankini meets the BikemanforU  tool belt

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