Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This Commuter Saddle Delivers Speed Plus Comfort

Serfas Tegu TGU-1 Saddle for Commuters
 Anyone who commutes on a bike more than five miles to work or school will appreciate the Serfas Tegu TGU-1 performance saddle.

This bicycle seat lets a cyclist ride fast for longer periods without becoming a pain in the you-know-what.

BikemanforU spotted this waterproof, microfiber model in the Serfas Performance Series line-up and immediately recognized it as an ideal commuter saddle.

He could only get 20, though, so when they're gone, they're, well, gone.

A major reason for commuters to like this saddle is the dual-density foam base. Serfas has perfected the art of seat padding, so you get a firm, supportive ride over long periods of time. Commuting by bike is so much more pleasant without low back pain or pressure on sensitive pelvic tissue.

Serfas also designed a high-back sit area for maximum leverage. Making the most of your pedal power gets you there on time without breaking a sweat.

Next, titanium rails add strength while keeping the weight down. A rider who's the least bit competitive will appreciate that this saddle weighs a mere 9.6 ounces.  

While designed to be MTB specific, the Tegu TGU-1 performs equally well on a road bike, cross, hybrid, fitness or any other bike whose rider needs to go somewhere quickly.

Known for high quality products, Serfas gives you a 90-day comfort guarantee, too. Just keep your receipt and let BikemanforU know if you're not happy. You'll probably be happy, though. And your behind will thank you.

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