Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tall Ship's Sighting Signals Summer Cycling In New London

The Tall Ship Half Moon is a replica of explorer Henry Hudson's ship sailed on his 1609 voyage
Summer’s here when the Tall Ship Half Moon ties up in New London harbor.  Its square rigging silhouetted against the sky welcomed this reluctant cyclist pedaling on the journey to work this morning.
Many moons have passed since the old garage bike was commuterated. After six months of slogging through snow, slush, mud, rain, and sand, not to mention pot holes, the circa 1999 mountain bike now known as Purple Haze, the commuter bike, is overdue for a thorough cleaning.

Clacking gears this morning raised concern that hurried wipe-downs on the kitchen rug at home or inside the bike cave at work aren’t enough bike maintenance. Shifting between the medium and large chainrings a couple times, however, soon put things right. The drive train was running silently again by the time New London’s waterfront park and its surprise visitor came into view.  
Owned and operated by New Netherland Museum in New York, the Half Moon is a wood-plank replica of the ship explorer Henry Hudson sailed in his 1609 voyage up the river that now bears his name. The small tall ship plies the rivers of Connecticut, New York, and Delaware that were part of original New Netherland territory several centuries ago. 
New London port is a stop-over for supplies, and perhaps a few public tours. After a little energetic elbow grease using some BikemanforU cleaning tools, Purple Haze will head down for a look.

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