Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Dreamed I Kissed The Sky In My Kenda Kross Plus Tires

Kenda Kross Plus tires for mountain bikes and beach cruisers give you speed and control

A particular bike tire has been calling my name or rather, Purple Haze, the name of my commuter bike, for some time now.
True, assertive lugs have done much to inspire a reluctant cyclist’s confidence. They deserve loyalty as an all-season stalwart. And yet, this funny looking semi-slick keeps beckoning.
One look at the Kenda Kross Plus brings a smile. Imagine a stubby mohawk on either side of a bare head. If this tire could talk, it would probably do stand up. Don’t be fooled, though. There’s serious intent at work here.
Easily one of the most popular tires with BikemanforU customers, the 26 x 1.95 size for cruisers and mountain bikes is a shop favorite, too. As anyone who watches his youTube channel knows, BikemanforU likes to eat.  He likens the all-purpose tread to steak and seafood, a real “combo platter, baby!” 
Mountain bike rider who wants tires that taste pavement?  Worried about your beach cruiser sliding out of control? Looking for a road tire but want some trail action, too?
The answer lies in a smooth center with grippies on the sides. You can go fast on hard surfaces like pavement because more of your pedal power goes into propulsion. At the same time, you can maintain control through soft stuff.

Made by Kenda with an K847 Goliath tread, the Kross Plus is, technically, "A multi-use tire with smooth center for low rolling resistance and raised lateral lugs for traction, excellent for street or light trail use," according to the distributor. It's also popular with law enforcement agencies, aka cops on bikes.
Purple Haze, the commuter bike, is outfitted with the original 26 x 1.75 knobby mountain bike tires that came with the bike when it was purchased in the last year of the last century. That they are without dry rot and still hold air, lots of it because this is a large air-volume tire, is a miracle of sorts.
They've made a twice-weekly commute on the journey to work for the last six months. Besides pot holes and broken concrete, these urban assault tires handle shortcuts across gravel and the wet shifting sand of a riverfront parking lot, not to mention water-logged valleys in a certain grassy backyard.
Their connected center block tread on knobby tires add some oomph, so even a cyclist who prefers the slow and easy cruises at 10 + mph.
So, with form and function happening, why switch treads?
“The Kenda Kross Plus is the tire I had in mind for you,” Mr. Pump said when he began this bike’s commuteration last winter.  
And why ever not? Besides handling bumpy roads, soggy yards and sand, Kross Plus bike tires boost pedaling efficiency. Like the great Hendrix song says, Pardon me, while I kiss the sky.

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