Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lucky All She Got Were Skinned Knees

For a while this reluctant cyclist kept her skinned knees a secret. The truth is she learned the hard way that mounting a bike cowboy style in traffic is foolhardy at best. 
Commuter bike sans cowboy cyclist

So, no more swinging a leg up and over the commuter bike with a big push off. At least not in the street. Nope.
That's what she was doing when she stumbled while crossing one of the widest avenues in town.  Because it's so wide and without a traffic light, the cylist routinely stops, dismounts, and wheels this bike across in order to better gauge traffic both ways. 
That morning, instead of walking, she was running with the bike and thought she could keep moving while she jumped back into the saddle.  
But her left foot slipped off the pedal as she pushed off with her right and down she went.
She landed on both knees, still gripping the handlebar, on a street with no bike lane or even a break-down shoulder. “I’m gonna get HIT!” panicked brain cells screamed.
Fortunately, she had a few seconds to right herself and quickly head to the sidewalk, where the bike did not belong but which felt safer, at least temporarily.
That was a few weeks ago, and ever since the bike has been walked fully across the avenue and mounted the way the cyclist learned to do when she was a little girl:
Both hands on the handlebar, lean the bike toward her, step through the frame, left or right foot on a pedal and push down, slide back into the saddle and away we go.  Until cycling skills improve, that’s the way it’ll be.

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