Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ya Gotta Have Lights

Mr. Pump had no use for a reluctant cyclist’s plan to equip her fledgling commuter bike with a flashlight holder not too long ago.

 “Ya gotta have lights. Ya gotta be safe,” he said. In his hands were a top-of- the-line Serfas Lumens 250 with five beam modes, a cool retro-robotic style Serfas tail light with a blue silicone body, and two more front and rear lights for back-up.

Mr. Pump’s astounding generosity was greatly appreciated. Gas prices and $100 round-trip tickets to bring a vehicle across Long Island Sound on the ferry between New York and Connecticut had left little choice but to commuterate the old mountain bike.

That is, turn it into a commuter bike for the twice weekly trip to BikemanforU’s brick and mortar shop on eastern Long Island.

Once transformed, the commuter bike would be ridden from home to the ferry terminal in New London, wheeled onto the ferry for an hour and 20-minute trip to Long Island, then loaded onto the cyclist’s waiting  pickup truck for the 45-minute drive to work.

After work, the trip would be reversed, with the truck left at the ferry terminal on Long Island. Total commuting time would be 5 hours a day twice a week. Total cycling time per round-trip would be about 20-25 minutes.

Savings in ferry fees, by taking a bike on board instead of a vehicle, hopefully, would add up nicely. Add to that the savings in gas costs by going from a daily to twice weekly commute.

Commuteration had begun at dawn that winter morning, when the purple bike’s tires tasted pavement for the first time in a dozen years. With Mr. Pump’s gift of lights, the ride home would be safer and more fun.

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