Friday, April 8, 2011

A Little Bike Bag Insures Against Forgetfulness

Memory lapse disrupted the commute this morning to BikemanforU’s brick-and-mortar shop on eastern Long Island. Purple Haze, the commuter bike, was reliable, as usual. The cyclist, not so much.
Today’s commute began with the regular 10-minute bike ride to the ferry for the  trip across Long Island Sound between New London, CT, and Orient Point, NY.
After docking, the bike was wheeled off the boat to be loaded onto a pickup truck waiting in a nearby lot. The 1993 Ford Ranger makes up the last leg of the morning commute.
Without keys, however, the 45-minute drive is impossible.
Frantic hands searched every pocket to no avail.  At least the cell phone made the trip.
“It was bound to happen. I left the truck keys at home!” an embarrassed cyclist blurted into the phone.  BikemanforU laughed.  The only remedy was to take the same ferry back to New London.
The boat trip back offered plenty of time to find a work-around. First thought was to keep an extra set in a magnetic case stuck on the Ford’s undercarriage.  But wait.
Better to commuterate this bike.
Spare truck keys kept inside a little bike bag would be a commuter’s insurance against any future memory lapse or even loss, for that matter. An "emergency" bag would always stay with the bike. It could even hold allen keys, a few band aids, or other cycling necessities.
Obvious choices might be the small and large  Bento Top Tube feed bags. Both rectangular sizes are perfect for gear, gadgets, and tools. The frame mount shoulder bag would work on a standard men's bike.
An expandable wedge , however, mounts under the saddle, which mean this bag will fit just about any bike, including step-through frames like Purple Haze. 
If the ferry trip wasn’t so long, an hour and 20 minutes each way, the cyclist could ride home, pick up the truck keys, and head back to work again.  
Instead, she cycled  home to telecommute in the cloud. But first, she made a vow to include a set of house keys in the commuter bike emergency bag.

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